Zetland: A Restaurant And Bar In Raleigh

Zetland restaurant and bar in Raleigh has been a restaurant serving great food to the people of Raleigh for over two decades. With its roots firmly planted in European cuisine, restaurant Zetland offers a cozy atmosphere with excellent service from staff members who have been there since the restaurant opened. Patrons can enjoy wine or one of their many cocktails while they watch live music on Wednesday nights or let loose on Friday night disco dancing until 2 AM!

What makes Zetland unique?

What makes Zetland unique is its extensive list of patrons who have been there since the establishment opened. The staff consists mainly of long-time employees ready to offer excellent service for every meal, drink, or party! Patrons can enjoy live music on Wednesday nights while dancing away at Friday night disco parties until the early hours of Saturday morning!

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