Self Improvement

Work On Developing Empathy Skills

If your empathy skills are lacking, it’s time to learn how to feel for other people when they’re going through something happy, sad, or traumatic. Developing empathy skills will help you with your professional career and it will also help you on a personal level because you’ll be a generally better person. Some people are able to demonstrate empathy without studying how to do it. But, it doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

The first part of becoming more empathetic is learning to listen. You have to be an excellent listener. Resist the urge to talk about yourself or tell stories of your own. When someone needs to share something, listen quietly.

Next, you need to feel compassion for someone. This is different from sympathy. Empathy and compassion allow you to understand what a person is feeling or going through, not just reacting to it. This will take some practice, and you’ll want to work on being supportive and resourceful on behalf of others.