Women’s Slippers With Arch Support

An added arch support is needed by many, especially those suffering from pain in the arches of the feet. Pain emanating from unsupported arches can also result in the back, knees, and hip. By adding an arch support, all that pain can be lessened or eliminated entirely.

Womens slippers with arch support allow them to have their feet properly fortified even when they are at home relaxing or doing household chores. These slippers come in many forms: clogs, slides, rubber soled, and hard soled. They are made with all types of materials ranging from cotton/spandex, wool, leather, suede, and faux fur.

The supports are made of orthopedic cushions, firm, and soft rubber. They have ergonomic designs that relieve pain in the heel and distribute the weight of the wearer more evenly between the heels and the balls of the feet. In slippers, the insole while supportive is cushioned and soft in all cases.