Will Cyber Security Automation Replace Security Analysts?

In the field of cyber security criminals have begun adopting automation and AI as part of their attack strategy. As a result, businesses and individuals are racing to stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated bad actors that are using tools that human analysts alone will no longer be able defend against.

Because of the growth in both the number of companies deploying cyber security automation and the sophistication of threats, automated techniques are now available that are as good as, and in some cases even better than, human analysts at some tasks.

Automation does, however, have some fundamental shortcomings. It cannot deploy itself and experts are still needed to tailor the solution to a business’ needs. Once in place, automated systems cannot cover all the security needs of a business: without human judgment, automated systems will identify a large number of false positives, and failing to put a security analyst in charge of filtering and investigating these would create a huge burden on IT that could impact a business even more than an actual attack would.