Why Use The Zoho Payroll App?

Zoho payroll app has several features to make life easier for the employers. Now you can easily calculate your organization’s payroll online. Just a few clicks and the payslips will be generated automatically. You will receive a breakdown of deductions, allowances and taxes. Create several pay slabs for managers, staff and leads. There is a specific template for each person. Use this app to organize salary structures of different groups of people working for your company.

This application will ensure you always pay your employees on time. The salaries will be transferred directly into the bank accounts of the employees. This automation helps you comply with all employee related statutory compliance rules. You will never face any penalty for not complying with the tax and payroll laws. Reduce the number of tasks you have to do to manage the payroll of your staff. Several tasks can be managed by the staff themselves. It will reduce the burden on your payroll management department.