Why Millennials Prefer Companies that Contribute to Social and Environmental Issues?

Millennials are now more indulged in philanthropic causes since two years according to a report. In the meanwhile, companies continued to seek ways to employ millennials to attract, hire and retain them successfully. As the millennials are now deemed the huge part of the workforce, companies make the most of the opportunities to serve their local community. Employees collaborating to accomplish a common goal to have a positive effect on their work culture. When the CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility also helps in benefitting the bottom line too. A survey suggests that around 87 percent of Americans buy a product because on how some businesses are making a difference in the environment or they advocated for an issue they are concerned about, and millennials too, are most likely to do their due diligence the issue that the company tends to support and the way it contributes.

Personal Development creates strong leaders

If your business doesn’t have a CSR responsibility, then you can start off with a social or volunteer project in your organization. This is a golden chance to build leadership potential and helping a worthy cause at the same time. If you own the volunteer project, then you can show that you are leading the market through influence and collaboration instead of leveraging a title in order to accelerate the project a step ahead. This eliminates the monotony of your work rut and gives you a purpose to channel your effort and time that will turn out to be good in the long run and impact a huge number of people.

Seek opportunities to do something that you are passionate about, and your opportunity of effective and successful implementation is even far better if there is any bigshot individual is keenly interested in this subject who can further help you in influencing others in the company. If you succeed in influencing, then, who knows, that you might end up working outside of your direct reporting scheme. This also lets you build connections across departments. Once that network has been established, you may want to ask them for their assistance with the work related projects, you will also have developed a bona fide relationship with them on the basis of the foundation of shared values and they will also be familiar with your work ethic. The more this network is developed, the stronger your reputation gets in the company. But, be cautious that you should always maintain the right mindset and motivation when you recommend a volunteer project. It is quite easy for people to say when their colleagues have ulterior intentions for such philanthropic work.

We spend one third part of our lives at our offices working on monotonous tasks. And, so many times we tend to concentrate so much on the upcoming deadline that we lose the sight of the big picture so easily. We have the chance to leave away a legacy, the one where we achieve more than just merely earning a paycheck for ourselves and give it back for the sake of the greater good of the planet where we live on.