Why Breadmaking Is One Of The Best Cooking Therapy Ideas

Breadmaking is an incredibly relaxing and cathartic experience, whether it’s done poorly or skillfully. As such, it is by far one of the most effective cooking therapy ideas for anyone who’s looking to eradicate stress. This process is broken down into five distinct stages that require relaxation, hard physical work, concentration, and patience. To start, bakers must wait until the yeast that they are using has been activated by becoming a thick, foamy mass floating atop the liquid that it’s been added to. Next, they have to engage in the physical challenge of working all of their wet and dry ingredients together. Hand kneading dough is excellent exercise and must be done until the ingredients form a smooth, flexible ball. Then, this must be allowed to rise. Once risen, the dough will need to be punched down, cut and shaped, and allowed to rise again. The final step is baking. When the loaf or rolls are done, most bakers invariably find that they are both far more relaxed and flooded with a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment.