Why Are Prices For Outboard Motors So High? Because They Are Worth Every Cent.

If you’ve been out shopping for a new outboard motor, you might have noticed they don’t come cheap. And for good reason. New outboard prices are determined by a range of factors. These motors are carefully researched, meticulously designed and have impressively long life.

Like any quality product, outboard motors require a ton of research and expensive development. They are made from high quality materials that must endure the most extreme conditions and still be resistant to damage.

Because production costs are so high, they hike up the final price. Unfortunately, the more expensive a product is, the fewer the people able to afford it. This low demand is what drives the price up even further. However, to those who invest in one, they are worth every cent.

Though outboard motors tend to be pricey, the work and research that goes into developing them is remarkable. Built to deliver superior, stable performance and to survive harsh elements without deteriorating, outboards are a worthwhile investment.