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Where To Install A TRX Wall Mount

A TRX wall mount provides a strong and stable anchor point for the straps. Commercially available products can accommodate around 750lbs of load thanks to the thick metal bars and clever design. Aside from the TRX system, these can also handle Olympic rings, punching bags, and yoga swings.

Be sure to install this on surfaces where the mount is secure. For example, you can pick a concrete wall using the screws provided. If you are not used to drilling masonry, then ask the help of a handyman for added confidence in the mounting process.

You could also install this on drywall if you can locate a vertical stud. The pros use a stud finder to make this fast and easy. The tool is also useful when trying to mount the TV on a wall for a sleek entertainment system.

If you have a large overhead beam that can take the weight, then it could be a via placement as well.