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When Men go Stripping

Male strippers, like female strippers, strip down to their underwear. Or, if they don’t, they’re still doing lap dances, private dances, table dances, and the like at the local female strip bar, where the money is.

Women are allowed to touch them, as they’re strictly entertainers (this is for those asking why you can touch male strippers and not their female counterpart).

Male revue (such as the Chippendales) is similar to a semi-clothed dancing performance with private dances or no full nudity.

While male strip clubs/revues used to cater primarily to older women, many younger women are now frequenting them. There are also more gay men. It’s mostly just individuals having fun and letting loose, and it’s a lighter, happier atmosphere than other female clubs.

Male strippers earn the same as their female colleagues, unlike in the adult film sector, where the pay gap between men and women is staggering. Why? Put, how many female strip clubs does your city have? How many male clubs are there now? Those bachelorette parties need to go somewhere, and there’s usually only one option. Male strippers frequently earn six figures, just like the girls. Learn more here.