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What You Need To Know Before Your Headshot Photoshoot In Sydney

When you are looking for Headshots Sydney, it can be difficult to know where to start. Headshots are great to get you in front of casting directors and film production companies. This post will give you three important points that will help ensure your Headshot Photoshoot is successful.

1) Headshots should be taken in natural light so the photographer can capture your personality best.
2) You should always bring coffee or tea with you when meeting up for a photoshoot because it helps calm nerves and gives the photographer something to do while they’re waiting on you!
3) Make sure that the photo is cropped just below your chin if possible – this makes it easier for designers working on book covers and film posters to draw in your face. Headshots Sydney

Bring lots of different clothes with you because it may be hard to find what looks good on camera if everything matches too well.

Make sure that any glasses or other accessories stay at home to take all the focus off of them. Headshots Sydney also recommends bringing a friend who you trust to help make sure that your clothes look good and can give you some advice on what looks best for the Headshot.