What You Need To Know About The New IMX6 Processor

The IMX6 processor is the newest member of the IMX family and is designed to be one of Freescale Semiconductor’s most powerful processors for mobile devices. With a focus on performance-per-watt, this chip will help make smartphones more powerful while using less battery life than ever before. This article will discuss some of the ways that this new processor can improve your device!

What are its benefits?

The IMX line of processors is designed to be mobile-oriented.
This means that they are small and use less battery than previous generations: great news for your smartphone! This processor has a high amount of connectivity options, which will allow you to easily connect it to the internet or Bluetooth devices without any problems. With this IMX chip inside your device, you’ll never have an issue with speed again – making multitasking more accessible than ever before! The IMX family also uses Freescale’s eDMA (enhanced digital media accelerator). This allows various blocks within the processor to communicate much faster together, perfect for when you’re watching videos on YouTube or playing games like Candy Crush Saga™.

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