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What To Look For In A Door Closer Hinge

A door closer hinge can help ensure that openings remain shut when they are not in use. These cost a bit more than regular hinges but the premium is worth it for most. If you are planning to get some, then choose carefully.

Make sure that it is made from durable material such as thick stainless steel, especially if it has to carry a heavy door. Go with larger hinges with four holes on each side instead of three.

The best ones are adjustable and they even come with the tools you need to tweak the settings. This changes the spring tension so that you can control how readily the door closes after opening.

Check that the hinge is appropriate for the door thickness. Many of those on the market are made for doors that are about two inches thick.

Finally, consider the finish on your locks and bolts. Match them for the sake of aesthetics. For example, popular finishes include chrome and brass.