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What Is Water Pipe Smoking?

You may be wondering what Water Pipe Smoking is. Water pipe smoking has been around for centuries, and it is an ancient tradition that continues to this day. Water pipe smoking, also known as hookah or shisha, refers to tobacco in a water pipe made from different materials like clay or metal. The smoke passes through water before being inhaled by the smoker, so it does not irritate their throat and lungs as much as cigarette smoke would. It consists of fruit-flavored tobacco called “molasses” combined with honey or molasses mixed with shredded leaves from various trees such as apple tree, grapevine, peach tree, apricot tree, etc., all soaked in natural flavorings like cardamom, anise, sage, etc. Water pipe smoking is popular worldwide today, but it originated in India and became a tradition of Indian culture back then. Muslim people first used it since they were not allowed to smoke cigarettes or cigars for religious reasons. Waterpipe smokers tend to have fewer lung problems than cigarette smokers because of the water filtration process.