What Is Type 1 SFC: Supportive Points And Explanation

SFC Type 1 is a condition in which sutures close the fascia or deep layers of tissue that cover muscles and organs. The sutures can be made from materials such as silk, nylon, cotton, or polyester threads. This article will discuss SFC type one and provide three supportive points for why it should be used.

– SFC type one is used to create a more natural-looking result and can be applied in areas of particular concern, such as the abdominal wall.

– sutures are made from materials that are easily tolerated by the body and should not cause any allergic reactions, unlike stitches containing animal products or latex.
– SFC sutures are permanent and will not require additional surgical procedures.


This article is intended to give a basic understanding of SFC type one. It should be noted that sutures are more permanent than stitches and will not require additional surgical procedures, making them ideal for use in sensitive areas or when there are concerns about suture reactions.