What Is Natural Wine?

There has been a move to organically farmed grapes and natural wine in response to the amount of chemicals that are used in the great majority of wine making processes. This has led many people to ask ‘What is natural wine?’. A definition of natural wine is that no additives of processing aids are used in its manufacture. As for the grapes that are used to create the wine they must be farmed organically (using permaculture or other biodynamic techniques) and during farming no artificial fertilizers or chemicals can be used. This can be particularly difficult where grapevines are at risk from diseases such as downy mildew which can destroy a crop, though sprays containing copper are usually allowed under such circumstances.

Wine that is natural exists on a continuum of techniques used to produce it and additives, such as sulfides, that are part of making it. The emphasis is to use as few as possible artificial chemicals and additives and let the grape and its juices be the main element in wine.