What Is Jamboard And How Can It Help You?

Have you ever wished your classroom could be a little more jam-packed? Well, now it can be. Its easy-to-use interface makes Jamboard an excellent teaching tool for any educator. Here are three ways it can help you teach effectively.


Jamboard makes it easy to work together on projects by allowing you to share your screen with others in the room or around the world in real-time. Teachers can assign work, manage tasks and post announcements to all learners.

Planning & Organization

Jamboard has a built-in document scanner that allows teachers to scan in and upload documents. The Jamboard will automatically crop the scanned image, rotate it if necessary, reduce glare on glossy or reflective surfaces (if needed), straighten crooked scans, remove shadows from low-quality scans with optical recognition software.


Because Jamboard displays presentations in fullscreen mode, student engagement levels will increase as they can focus on what is being presented.

The Jamboard for teachers has many features that help them be more organized as well as engage their audience.