What Is Gas Detection System And Why Do We Need It?

A gas detection system is a gas sensor or an alarm that detects gas or gas leaks. They are used in industrial settings to monitor and control the release of gases into the atmosphere. These sensors are also used in households as smoke detectors to detect the presence of fire/smoke, which may be caused by gas leaks from natural gas pipes running through homes.

– The primary purpose for installing gas detection systems is safety – so their primary function is to alert people when there’s a gas leak or malfunctioning equipment so they can evacuate before being exposed to dangerous levels of toxic gases. In addition, some countries require them for particular industries and buildings where combustible gases are present such as fuel distribution terminals and petrochemical plants.

The sensors are made from two different materials like metal oxide and noble metals in gas detection systems.

– The sensor is usually encapsulated in a glass ampoule to protect it from atmospheric gas or moisture.

There’s also a gas detector for continuous monitoring with an active membrane that pumps out gas samples into a gas analyzer.


Gas detection systems are critical as they provide a vital service and should be used by anyone working with flammable gases or buildings where such gas presence could prove dangerous for human health.