What Is A Videographer?

A videographer is someone who captures images of live events and creates small video productions such as documentaries, topical events, sports events, training videos, legal depositions and so on to create a lasting record.

A videographer London can be engaged by a company to create corporate videos promoting its products, services and other aspects of a business such as its brand values, career opportunities, corporate culture and other messaging in video format.

Videographers usually work on a freelance, project basis. Aside from corporate productions they can also be hired for events such as weddings, birthday parties, the arrival of a new baby and other special events. They may sometimes be registered with agencies who maintain a roster of videographers that specialize in specific types of events such as corporate, sporting, newsgathering and so on. They tend to be creative individuals with an eye for detail that are talented at telling stories or delivering messages through film and video.