What Is A Service Delivery Plan?

A service delivery plan is used to define and describe the level and types of health services that are to be provided for a community; these plans help to manage the delivery of the services and ensure they are effective. The planning framework is managed by the state or territory government where it is delivered and they will provide guidance about the development of the plan and who it is distributed to.

These plans, which usually cover a 3 year period, are used by the department of health to assess a multi-purpose service (MPS) and to help manage its delivery. An MPS must always have a delivery plan for its services in place and should be reviewed periodically to ensure that it is up-to-date; this review should occur before the end of its 3 year period. The review can be performed in co-ordination with other planning cycles that occur and should include input from clients of the service and other stakeholders in the community.