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What Is A Preventative Cardiologist?

A preventative cardiologist is a person that works in a sub-specialty of cardiology that involves helping patients to lower their risk of developing heart disease and helping to prevent the occurrence of their first heart attack or stroke. They usually work with patients that are already suffering from cardiovascular disease and help them to avoid any further issues that could arise from the condition.

People that require this type of specialist include those with:
• A family history of stroke, heart attack or peripheral artery disease
• An existing personal history of cardiovascular disease that are younger than 60 years
• Other factors that are difficult to control such as significant cholesterol disorders and atherosclerosis
• Controllable factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, obesity, an unhealthy diet and lack of regular exercise
• Uncontrollable factors including being male, older and with a family history of heart disease