What Is A Job Search Coach?

If you’re looking for a job in today’s job market you need all the help you can get. To this end, why not get some coaching. A job search coach is a person that will help you when you are looking for your first role, want to make a change in your career, get some advice on overcoming obstacles in your search for a job and/or develop your professional skills.

They will help you with the following when looking for a job:

• Work out what types of jobs match your interests and skills
• Develop a job seeking plan
• Identify your strengths and weaknesses
• Advise you on how to create a well-written resume and cover letter
• Show you how to network
• Help you with the interview process
• Give you encouragement and other advice

You should hire a coach when you are having difficulty finding a job, you need help developing your employment search skills, you are changing careers or when you need help finding a job in your dream career.