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What Is A Closed Loop Extraction Kit?

Closed-loop extraction systems are closed, closed-circuit vacuum extractors used in the wine industry. This is a brief article to help you understand what closed-loop extractor kits do and how they work. The closed-loop system was designed for greater efficiency, sanitation, and safety than traditional open-air fermentation methods. It also has other benefits, including:

1) Quicker processing time by extracting from start to finish within a single tank.

2) Reduced risk of oxidation because of reduced exposure to air during the process.

3) Less chance of contamination due to less contact with the outside atmosphere.

Where can I buy a closed-loop extractor kit?

These closed-loop extractor kits can be purchased from any wine supply store. They are very affordable and easy to assemble in only a few minutes.

In summary, a closed loop extractor kit is an excellent choice for winemakers. They offer greater efficiency, sanitation, and safety than open-air fermentation methods because the wine is contained within a closed chamber during processing.