What Does Andropause Mean?

Andrpause refers to a condition that is more commonly referred to as ‘male menopause‘. While men do not experience the body changes and symptoms that women do during menopause, there are some effects that occur when men’s testosterone production drops as they reach their fifties.

In men, testosterone is a hormone that is produced in their testes and is associated with sex drive and libido as well as having certain physical effects on their bodies. When a man undergoes puberty it is marked by an increase in testosterone production and results in increased facial and genital hair, fuels muscle and physique growth and can be associated with aggression, the so-called ‘fight or flight’ response.

Male menopause (or Andropause) does not result in the complete shutdown of their sexual organs as it does in female menopause. It can however result in a lowered sex drive, a decrease in semen production, increased body fat and muscle loss as well as psychological impacts such as depression and a lowering of self confidence.