Wedding Reception Venues In Auckland – 3 Things You Should Know

Wedding reception venues auckland, what are wedding reception venues? They are the places where wedding receptions take place. What do you need to know before booking a wedding reception venue in Auckland? Read on for more information about it.


The cost of wedding receptions at different wedding reception venues in Auckland can vary from less than $900 to well above the thousands. The average price is around 1000 dollars, and usually, you will find that you have more options if your budget is on the higher end.


The best option for wedding receptions is to have it either outdoors or at a wedding reception venue that has huge glass windows. This makes guests feel like they are part of nature and enjoy stunning views while enjoying their wedding breakfast.


Different venues have different capacities and can cost more or less depending on the number of guests. The capacity of venues in Auckland varies from 100-2000 people.

Wedding Reception venues can make or break your big day. This is why it is vital to choose wedding reception venues that will fit your needs.