Wearing The Men’s Pocket Square

Mens pocket squares have evolved over the centuries from being decorative red squares used to cover the sneezes of the Egyptian elite to the strictly decorative pocket square of today worn in the breast pocket of the modern suit.

It was initially developed to a hygienic tool, as a handkerchief. Now, after the advent of the disposable tissue, it relegated to decorating a men’s suit coat. Today, the pocket is folded in one of nine popular configurations and placed in the breast pocket of a tailored jacket.

Fold Patterns of the Pocket Square

The Presidential Fold
The One, Two, or three Point Fold
The Four Point or Cagney Fold
The Puff Fold
The Winged Puff Fold
The Scallop Fold
The Dunaway Fold

Pocket squares can be cut in cotton or silk, but they all are finished with a rolled hem. If you are attending a formal event, the appropriate pocket square fold is the flat/presidential fold or the one-point fold. The pocket fold you choose should reflect the event you are attending as will its fabrication and its color.