Wearing A Pair Of Black Sandals

Black sandals are fashionable now. These sandals come in flat rubber soles, flat leather thongs, 1/2″ leather heels, 1 1/2″ heels with lace-up legs, and 3 1/2″ to 4 1/2″ spike heels. With such a wide variety, there’s a sandal for everyone. For the cosmopolitan woman, for the stay-at-home spouse, for the single college student, for the busy secretary, and for the retiree. That’s just the sandals for women. If we look at what’s available in black for the men, you’ll see an ever-wider selection of looks.


Men’s sandals all offer a little lift without getting extreme. They all have flat soles with a tiny heel even with the rubber-soled, thongs, walking shoes, and fisher sandals. The men’s Fit flops are also pleasantly designed with black uppers and a thick black rubber sole. Casual sandals have the heel strap that secures the shoe on the foot and sporting the slight heel incorporated in the rubber sole.


For both men and women, sandals in black are available for dress and casual occasions.