Ways To Help During Covid-19 Pandemic.

Covid 19 was first reported in Asia in late 2019. Since it has been spreading very fast across the globe. It has wreaked havoc among many countries. Millions of people have been infected and many have lost their lives. The following are ways to help during Covid-19.

Public Awareness.

Since the diseases have not been managed by the world health organization; the general public needs to be educated on ways of contracting these diseases. Moreover; they also need to be enlightened on ways of protecting themselves against possible infections. Apart from this, they need also to be taught how to attend to the infected before calling the medics.

Financial and Materials support.

Many people lost their jobs as a result of this pandemic. Most of them are unable to provide for their families. We need to provide for them food, clothing and also pay for their rents. This is being philanthropist to less fortunate people.

Guidance and Counselling.

Many families are indeed suffering as a result of job losses. Infected people who have recovered are suffering from trauma. Therefore guidance and counseling to these people is highly needed. They need to be taught how to cope with these challenges.

In Conclusions.

Indeed Covid 19 has brought a lot of challenges in many countries. The majority are struggling in their lives. It has affected the economy of the whole world. If you have any opportunity of giving out help; please do so without hesitating.