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Valais Lambs For Sale: The Perfect Sheep For Your Farm

Looking for a new addition to your farm? Consider Valais lambs! These sheep are known for their high-quality wool and meat. They are also very hardy and can adapt to a variety of climates.

What should I know about this?

Valais are popular because of their thick, high-quality wool. This is why lambs are often used in crossbreeding programs when farmers need more meaty sheep. However, Valais can also be raised on their own or as a part of an existing herd without any problems whatsoever! These sheep have no horns at all which makes them even easier to handle and manage than other types of valaises such as the traditional Valais. They do however require shearing every two years but this should not cause too much trouble since most people will just buy these valaises already shorn before purchasing them anyways

This Swiss breed is native to the Valais valley of Switzerland. The first Valais lambs for sale were exported from Europe in 1883 and arrived at the San Francisco Zoo where they spent several years before being released into Golden Gate Park.

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