Vagina health Facts for your consumption

Thrush affects three-quarters of the population, so you’re probably well aware of the itching, swelling, soreness, and “cottage cheese” discharge it causes.

But there is some good news. If you listen closely, your vagina may already be telling you everything you need to know. So please pay attention, because there are things it wants you to know.

Thrush is caused by Candida albicans, a yeast-like fungus that flourishes in warm, damp environments. So, instead of tights, leggings, and synthetic underwear, try cotton knickers or loose trousers.

It’s also essential to fully dry your vaginal area after swimming or exercising and to change your underwear after a workout.

We don’t want all kinds of vagina infection troubling us because of poor hygiene. Do the needful and keep them at bay.

Explore these vaginal health facts and use them to your advantage to stay healthy.