Using The Athletic Knit Fabric

Athletic knit fabric makes the perfect material for yoga pants because it is breathable, holds in moisture, is thick and comfortable, yet very thin. For years, this material has been used as a popular workout cloth because it is a great, breathable material that helps to keep you cool during your workout. A tight fit is also created because it is stretchy and it will not bunch up or sit in one place. This prevents your pants from bunching up in your workout space, making your workout area dirty and messy.

Four-way stretch woven athletic knit fabric is the best moisture-wicking, sweat absorbing, stretchable yoga legging. This high moisture-wicking stretch fabric is heavy-duty, matte, soft, and ultra-light. If you are looking for a great way to recreate your favorite expensive yoga pants, this exactly what you need! This fabric is made of 90% nylon, ten percent spandex, and ten percent cotton. It is the most comfortable yoga legging out there. When you need to move and get your workout in, just slip on these leggings, and you are ready to go.