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Using Food As Medicine

When we think of the word medicine, we think of pills and capsules prescribed by the doctor or bought over the counter at the local drugstore. Our minds have been programmed to think of medicine as synthetic drugs made in a lab that come in a bottle and have to be taken at certain times. We rarely associate medicine with food but perhaps we should.

Food as Medicine is not a new concept. but it’s one that has taken a back shelve to modern medicine. For centuries, people cured and controlled various ailments with diet. In modern times, we are so busy that we tend to grab quick fixes when it comes to the food we eat. Often times, those quick fixes are processed, boxed items with high sugar and sodium content.

Changing your diet to incorporate healthy foods while eliminating bad ones is an example of using food as medicine. Eating right can ward off some diseases and make the ones you already have easier to manage.