Uses Of Silk Magnolia

Silk Magnolia is a flowering tree that produces showy blooms in the springtime. The flowers are made up of five white or pink petals, and they have a sweet fragrance. Silk magnolia trees can grow over 25 feet tall and make a beautiful addition to any landscape. In addition to their beauty, silk magnolia trees have many practical uses. They can be used for shade, windbreaks, and screening purposes. Their dense foliage also makes them a good choice for privacy hedges. Silk magnolia trees can be used to create a natural boundary between two properties or planted near a driveway or sidewalk to provide some extra privacy.

Apart from being a popular ornamental tree, magnolia plants can also be used for their bark, leaves, and flowers. The bark is dried and used to treat dysentery, while the leaves are used as an expectorant. The flowers are edible and can be eaten fresh or used to make jellies, jams, and syrups.