Construction Materials

Uses For Reclaimed Barn Beams

When old barns are demolished a great deal of aged, and sometimes old growth, wood can be reclaimed and used for other purposes. Here are some options for reusing reclaimed barn beams:

Use barn beams to bring a ceiling to life or to make a distinct fireplace mantle.

• Build furniture using the beams such as a chunky coffee table or a farmhouse table; the aged look of the wood will give the furniture instant character.

• If you’re a fan of crafting things, beams can be used in a wide variety of craft projects: you can cut the wood into pieces and put them together to create a compelling piece of wall art, for example.

• If you have older buildings on your property large barn beams can be useful for making repairs to them. Because the reclaimed beams are already aged and are often very strong they can be used for a wide variety of repair jobs.