Understanding Prospective Marriage Visa

A prospective marriage visa is also known as a fiance visa. Before you go ahead and start your marriage visa application, the first thing you must do is to gather all the necessary documents needed to prove that you are eligible to apply for the marriage visa. You need to produce a copy of the birth certificates, a marriage certificate, and an official copy of any relevant immigration paperwork that has been lodged with your embassy.

When filling out the marriage visa application, ensure that you have all the necessary details and facts correct. You will find that many questions that will appear on the form are quite simple and basic. You will also need to answer questions about the state of residence of the partner, and you need to answer a few questions regarding how many children the potential spouse has and the age and marital status of both partners. To complete your application correctly and get your application accepted, you must present supporting documentation, written and verbal. You will need to provide supporting evidence of your income, financial position, and other relevant financial information that will be required by the Government when you request a marriage visa.