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Types Of Shower Screen Brackets

Shower screen brackets are a great way to add a splash of class and style to your shower enclosure without overspending. They are incredibly versatile and will fit in with almost any bathroom design.

Frameless Shower Screens

This bracket type is frameless and available in black, chrome, and brushed nickel finishes. These are ideal for homes where there are not many people using the bathroom. The frame is available in single, double or triple fittings.

Framed Shower Glass Panel

This bracket type has a large frame on each end that supports the glass panel. These are perfect for homes with multiple people who use the bathroom regularly. Glass panels come in a variety of styles and colors. These brackets can be fixed directly onto the wall or installed flush against the floor. They also come in various sizes to accommodate different sized showers. Glass panels are easy to clean with soap and water and are recommended if you have children.