Types Of Drone Services

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have become highly sophisticated machines that are relatively inexpensive. Many include high resolution cameras and GPS guidance systems that make them useful in a wide variety of industries and for various applications. Here are some of the drone services that individuals and companies provide:

Photography. Drones are used to photograph landscapes, real estate, wildlife and for film and TV shoots.

Security. Drones can provide surveillance of a desired location (such as a home or office) to ensure that intruders have not gained access.

Building Inspections. Inspections of roofs and chimneys can be performed easily and safely with a drone from a variety of angles.

Agricultural Surveys. Drones are used to survey crops from the air. For this application they can have specialized sensors installed to detect information such as soil hydration levels, soil composition and weed infections, among others.