Top Tips for Keeping Retail Staff Motivated and Productive

The retail industry is incredibly tough and in order to remain successful, and indeed to push forward and continue to grow on a consistent basis, you have to understand what makes your employees tick. Having your workforce on side at all times, buying in to your brand, ideals and goals for the future, will provide you with a strong foundation from which to successfully grow. From a personable approach, to consistent and effective training, and incentives, there are several ways in which you can motivate your employees to perform to a high and consistent standard.

There are many challenges that your staff will face on a day-to-day basis. From security issues, to marketing and promotional literature and branding consistency, through to the face that is shown to customers on the front line and the cleanliness and sharp focus of each store floor. It can be hard to maintain that level of consistency that is required in order for your retail store to work over time.

What can you do to keep your staff members motivated in a retail environment?

Keep in Mind That Your Staff are Unique

Every single person in your workforce is unique. What makes one staff member work harder and remain motivated will make another run away screaming. Being a good manager and leader of a retail organisation is to understand human nature and to treat your staff members with a human touch. Speak to them in detail about their desires, what training they would like to take and which section of the store they would like to work within. Learn their individual quirks and which respond better to a soft touch and an arm around the shoulders, and which need clear, stern direction at all times.

Create a Positive Space

Your retail space has to entice your customers and ensure that your employees are happy to be at work at all times. Get your staff on board to help create a store that they are happy and motivated to work within, and that will help create a clear sales process from the moment potential customers walk through the front door.

Incentivise and Recognise

Your employees will be happy if their hard work is recognised and rewarded. By incentivising the sales process you can ensure that there is motivating factors for staff members at all levels of the retail organisation. Whether this is measured in sales figures or other aspects of daily work life is up to you, and it doesn’t always have to be monetised. Create a working atmosphere where everyone congratulates each other on good work and you’ll see the positive impact over time.

Train Up and Offer Responsibility

Provide a thorough and extensive training programme that is specific to your retail brand and day-to-day requirements and complement it with a clear pathway for progression within the company. Training, progression and a feeling of responsibility for every member of a retail team, breeds a company that is motivated to perform to high standards and expectations on a consistent basis. Everyone is working towards the same goal and understands that if they work well, they can move up to management positions and beyond.