Top 3 Benefits Of New Mercury Outboard Motors

New Mercury Outboard Motors are a great way to get more from your boat. New motor technology allows engines up to 120hp to be made for boats weighing less than 500 lbs, and they can be used in salt water without corrosion. New motors also come with an extended warranty that covers the first full year of use. New Mercury Outboards are the perfect choice if you’re looking for power, performance, and quality!

Are they expensive?

New Mercury Outboard Motors are a great value. New technology has made New Mercury Motor’s more efficient, which allows them to be smaller and lighter (saving on fuel) while still providing the same level of performance that you have come to expect from New Mercury products.

Where can we get it?

It can be purchased at your local dealer or online.

Contact an expert for more info and check online for a wide variety of choices.