Tips To Buy Bath Toys For Babies

To make bath time enjoyable for babies, include some toys in their bathing routine. However, since the market today is flooded with a myriad of baby tub toys, choosing the best baby bath toys can be a difficult task. To make your job easier, follow some of these tips listed below.

#1: Safety

When buying baby bath toys opt for those made of cloth, rubber, or soft materials. Ensure that toys do not have sharp or pointy edges or small parts that can be swallowed by babies. Also, make sure that the toys are BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free as these chemicals can be dangerous if your baby happens to put them inside his mouth.

#2: Easy To Dry

Always choose toys that dry easily. This will reduce the chances of mold and other bacteria growth on it, keeping your baby safe and the toy more durable.

#3: Choose the right type of Toys

Each baby toy offers specific benefits for your baby’s growth. While buying a baby ball toys can help your little one develop hand and eye coordination, alphabet toys can help develop cognitive skills in babies. Squeaky baby toys which create a sort of sound stimulation will help develop your baby’s motion skills and keep him/ her entertained during bath.

Considering these tips while buying bath toys of babies and toddlers will ensure that your baby bath time becomes more fun and enjoyable for you as well as for your little one.