Three Ways To Get Anime Eyes: Informative Article

An anime eye is a type of anime-style eye design. It features a larger, more prominent iris and pupil than the typical Western-style of eyes. A person with anime eyes will typically have bigger pupils in relation to their irises. The color of their irises may be different from what would normally be seen in a human being’s eye. This article explores three ways you can get anime eyes!

– One of the most popular styles is known as ‘large, wide set.’ This type of anime eye will typically be drawn using the first technique mentioned in this article: drawing one large circle for each iris and then adding two circles for pupils.
– The second technique in this tutorial is called ‘small, close together. With this method, you can make your anime eyes appear more feminine while still keeping them rounded like typical anime-style eyes.
– Finally, there’s the traditional manga or Japanese style where only one anime eye is drawn. This style can also be used as a variation of the first method mentioned in this article when you want to add an anime-style effect on just one of your character’s eyes.

Animators often create anime eyes for anime characters using large white or black dots on colored paper that are then cut out and applied to the character’s face as needed during production.