Things A Player Needs For Disc Golf Events

If you like playing golf, you know how important having the right gear is. Whether it is for recreation or tournaments, you require proper gear for you to play well. The article has compiled some of the important things a player should have during disc golf events.

Towels, Papers and Pens

When playing this type of golf, you might require towels and papers to ensure discs remain dry. They are some of the important items in your checklist.

Water Bottle

You might overlook this item, but it is also important. Depending on the weather, an insulated bottle is better to maintain the temperature in the water.

Bag, Socks, and Snacks

A bag will be good to keep your belongings together, while socks are also important if you need a changeover. You can also carry snacks to keep you active.


The above are some important things you need as a player. They will help you to push through the day.