There Are 3 Common Types Of Maternity Sports Bras

A Maternity Sports Bra is a type of bra that will help to provide adequate support for pregnant women. These bras are typically designed with ample space in the bust region and wider straps, and an extra layer of fabric across the chest. These bras come in three common types:

– Racerback Maternity – These are great for running or other activities where you need unrestricted movement but may not be very supportive during high-impact exercises like jumping.

– Underwire – These offer more support than racerback styles but may restrict your range of motion when it comes to reaching overhead or bending at the waist.

– Wirefree Maughter – This is likely the most ubiquitous style and works well for low-impact exercises like walking or weight lifting.


Maternity Sports Bras are great for Moms who want to stay active and fit during pregnancy.