The Types, Benefits And Tips Of Virtual Training

Virtual training is training where participants log on at the time of their training and log off once they are finished. Once finished, they go straight back to their regular work. The types of training are Web-based learning, webinars, and virtual classrooms, video-based learning, collaborative learning, custom eLearning, mobile learning, and microlearning.

The benefits of training are improving learning transfer, increasing time efficiency, making cost savings, matching a flexible workforce, enhancing wellbeing, encouraging digital, facilitating collaboration, enabling global reach, and inclusivity. Tips for optimal training are making sure you have stable technology, creating impactful slides, encouraging active participation, and setting clear goals. Additional suggestions are creating ground rules and expectations, holding breakout groups, and utilizing the chat window.

To conclude, talk to a training representative and find out if Web-based training would work for you. The potential benefits are tremendous.