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The Topless Poker Dealer  Effect

This bucks party idea will undoubtedly bring smiles to you and the lads.

If your buck enjoys finer things like exquisite whiskey and Cuban cigars, he’ll also want a pair of flawless tits for his Bucks night. It’s known as “The Trifecta”.

Fortunately, topless poker croupiers are chosen for their knockout beauty, both in and out of their attire, flirty and cheeky personalities and ability to keep the boys interested all night.

Try to keep a straight face around this babe—I challenge you. Your STUNNER will go round the room with cards and chips, showing off her assets and playing poker with the guys. Who needs a vacation to Vegas when the Bucks are guaranteed to win?

Having a topless poker dealer grace your night party will shatter everything you have ever experienced. Go for it and experience the topless poker dealer effect here.