The Superb Sherpa Custom Blanket

Sherpa custom blankets are the warmest, most practical and stylish household items with which to furnish a living room or bedroom. Made of high-technology polyester, the blankets retain warmth without being heavy or unwieldy. One outstanding feature is the blanket’s double construction, with one side smooth and velvety, and the other soft and fluffy as fleece.

This quality enables the blanket to add style in addition to warmth. The blankets are made in various colors, plain and patterned, rendering them suitable as couch throws. And the blankets are available in custom sizes, single and twin, for placing on beds. The blankets are also useful as travel accessories, and for providing an extra layer over clothing on chilly days while at work at home or in the office.

The Sherpa blanket is durable and easy to care for, and washable in the machine’s gentle cycle. Following a tumble dry, the blanket’s fleecy texture does not require ironing but simply folds away, ready for next season’s use.