The Right Walker For You: What To Consider

An important aspect to consider when purchasing walkers for seniors is how much space you have. If it is used primarily inside, a walker with four wheels may work well, but if you’ll need to walk on rough terrain or use it outside, then a three-wheel would be more appropriate.

Walkers come in various heights, and the walker should be low enough to allow them to walk with comfort. The walker should also be high enough so that they can stand up straight while using it.

Another consideration is whether or not the walker has rubber tips on its legs. This will help protect floors from being scratched or other damage and keep the walker stable when moving around corners, but this may not always be necessary, depending on where you are walking.

Lastly, consider what your budget might look like before beginning shopping for a new walker!
There are so many different types of walkers out there! When purchasing, make sure to keep these considerations in mind to get one that fits your needs best.