The Moments Captured In Modern Wedding Photos

Modern wedding photos are more likely to capture candid moments between the wedding couple as well as the guests. Unlike days gone by, photographers have a greater appreciation for the natural relaxed moments of an event and so does today’s public. We still have a love of those posed photos, but the relaxed more natural moments are also cherished and enjoyed over time in a photo.

Static photos have their place, but the couple have grown to appreciate, the less posed unprepared shots that depict reality in its most basic form. Reality TV has conditioned us all to embrace what really goes on in life. We’ve learned to cherish it. So, it’s only natural to photograph it for posterity.

Today’s couples view their memories of that special day as one that captures both the staged moments and the of kilter times someone falls, dances funny, spills something on their dress or tuxedo, etc.