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The Midmark M11 Sterilizer Review

The Midmark M11 ultraClave is made to maximize sterilization output yet minimizing time and effort for instrument sterilization. So what are you looking for from an instrument Sterilizer? You need a fast and simple-to-use instrument for total sterilization, a reliable and effective tool for disinfection, and High space usage and compatibility for your Sterilization applications. This instrument was designed to deliver all this and more.

M11 sterilizes a wide range of products without requiring additional drying cycles. This efficient sterilizing method and high rate of drying speed optimize sterilization results with minimum time for final processing. The sterile products are dried quickly and maintained at ambient room temperature for maximum shelf life. The pre-programmed cycle time allows the process to be started upon plugging into the unit and completes the process without delays, so it makes for efficient use and time-saving.