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The Many Uses Of Acupuncture

Although most people have acupuncture to treat pain, including back pain, arthritis and carpal tunnel, the ancient technique of inserting tiny needles can help treat various other conditions. It may surprise you to learn that if you have asthma, emphysema or other respiratory issues, acupuncture can be an effective treatment, and it also helps alleviate the effects of heartburn and constipation. Those suffering from allergies can benefit from the insertion of the needles at key points, and it’s also beneficial when used to treat the unwanted symptoms of menopause, along with general tiredness and stress. Recovering from a stroke may be easier when acupuncture treatment is used, and acupuncture can even be used to help stop smoking. If it’s not something you’ve ever considered, it is painless, safe and effective and for treatment with acupuncture Newstead residents have several skilled practitioners to choose from.